An announcement by SkyVision Global Networks on November 12, 2012, confirmed its continuing expansion of its local presence across Africa, including a new satellite teleport hub in South Africa.

SkyVision provides fiber optic and satellite IP connectivity to customers in Africa and the rest of the world. A major service provider in the rapidly-growing African markets, it is currently improving the reach and reliability of its satellite Internet services to better serve African clients.

Its latest move is the establishment of a local office and iDirect teleport hub in Johannesburg, South Africa. The new SkyVision satellite teleport supports the newest iDX 3.1 iDirect and draws capacity from the Israeli-built AMOS-5 satellite, which provides C-Band and Ku-Band coverage throughout the southern and sub-Saharan regions of Africa.

The Johannesburg teleport puts SkyVision in an excellent tactical position where it can easily provide South African businesses with critical communication services to and from Africa over fiber, wireless, and satellite mediums.

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