Cellular service providers can now leverage the Business Class Service satellite broadband plan recently developed by KVH Industries for its mini-VSAT Broadband network. The new service lets providers access streaming media formats, Skype and other Voice over IP (VoIP) services, rich media websites, and all other Internet applications and protocols using an unlimited, prioritized satellite Internet service at multi-megabit speeds.

KVH’s Business Class Service compares favorably with other shared maritime VSAT services in terms of pricing. And in addition to being more affordable other other premium quality services, it also promises to deliver speedier service and a superior user experience.

The Business Class Service plan is the culmination of KVH Industries’ two-year initiative. The Company has upgraded its network, boosted capacity, integrated network management capabilities into its portfolio of core products, and created unrestricted rate plans that combine cost-effectiveness with unsurpassed performance.

In addition, KVH is offering transparent, usage-based rate plans that allow users to pick the defined amount of data in a monthly package and to purchase additional service at an affordable price if the usage execeeds the package threshold during the month.

Furthermore, KVH is granting unlimited bandwidth to heavy users since they will be paying for the additional Internet by satellite service.

The Company’s CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager has the features of its Business Class Service added into the integrated belowdecks unit of its new TracPhone V7-IP and TracPhone V11 products. These tools will assist customers in controlling airtime costs and efficiently managing this service.

KVH is currently offering its Business Class Service plans in bundles ranging from 5 GB to 40 GB. Extra gigabytes cost as little as $200, which translates to $0.20 per megabyte. According to the Company, the mini-VSAT satellite broadband plans can deliver speeds of up to 4 Mbps, which is better than other fixed rate plans of comparable prices.